Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Flamefest, part 3

The plot thickens.

Since I'm not an official precinct chair (yet) I'm following all of the great DCDP controversy through Burnt Orange Report's coverage. (Latest here.) I really wanted to keep this quiet, but since everybody and their dog are now posting this crap all over the internet, I guess I may as well get in on the fun. Check out this letter from the CWA president:

Dear Fellow Democrats,

I feel the need tor respond to numerous written accounts of the conduct of some of the attendees of the Dallas County Democratic Executive Committee meeting held at my building, the C.W.A. Union Hall, Monday night February 28, 2005. I was not present nor was I contacted that night about the meeting being disputed. Having chaired more than my share of union meetings where heated discussions about completely opposite viewpoints happen, our meeting hall is not a stranger to this type of meeting. My intention is not to take sides with the participants who did attend the February 28th meeting.

I want each of you to know that no one in C.W.A. authorized the Sergeant-at-Arms, who is not a member of C.W.A., to speak on behalf of the building owners and ask all of you to leave immediately. I gave no such authority to anyone that night.

Subject to our own needs, our facility will continue to be available for Party meetings in the future.

In closing, I hope we can all take one step back and pursue a resolution for unity on our Party.


J.D. Williams
CWA Local 6215

Well, ain't THAT a pippin? So much for Susan's continuing claims that the CWA union "strongly urged" the meeting to remain calm. So much for the Sergeant-at-Arms' much-vaunted authority. So much for the phone call to the supposed "head of the union" that confirmed that we had been kicked out.

Psssssht! Now I really am disgusted at all of this. What would have it hurt to allowed the meeting to continue?

Honestly, I became a party activist last July solely for the purpose of winning elections. I know people who work at the party office and I know people who are in the opposition camp. I had thought, and still DO think, that both sides are behaving badly. However, I am beginning to think that the pro-Susan camp is behaving MORE badly.


My advice for the next meeting: Pass out Xanax at the door. It's the only thing that might help.

Nevertheless, I am not going to allow this freakshow to stop me from doing my work. I'm done with my Powerpoint "Democrat" template – it's pretty generic, just blue and a donkey design, but it's very very cute, if I do say so myself. :) Also, I've completed my Powerpoint presentation on setting up Internet mailing lists. And, if I could manage to extract the answers to some relevant questions out of Demzilla support, I'd be well on my way to finishing off that presentation as well.

Exciting internecine warfare comes and goes, but the work will march on!


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