Tuesday, May 31, 2005

All About Apathy

The Dallas Democracy for America Meetup is starting an interesting project: "All About Voter Apathy." Why don't more people go vote? This promises to be a very interesting discussion... If you're in the area, why not join us?

RSVP and info: http://dfa.meetup.com/143/events/4687779/

In June, we continue our series on winning elections. What we have learned thus far from the campaign managers’ forum and Q&A with consultant Jeff Dalton will be used to build better campaigns and recruit quality candidates.

This time around, we will be looking at a hard fact of life in American elections. June's meetup is all about apathy.

Voter apathy, particularly amongst our supporters, has allowed the radical right wing to take over a party and take over the nation. They control the Presidency and the Congress. Now, they are after the Judiciary.

The last election was the most important in our lifetimes and we barely lost it. This makes the next election, the most important yet. We must understand voter apathy and how to attack it. Former city council candidate and psychologist, Candy Marcum, will be speaking to us about voter apathy, her campaign, and the state of local politics in Dallas.

We will then be working in small groups to begin to tackle this hard issue. We all have ideas, opinions and stories about voter apathy. Now is a vital opportunity to speak up and contribute.

Is some one near and dear to you an apathetic voter? Bring them along. We will be nice, I promise. :)

Finally, if you have some snacks to spare, bring 'em to share with like-minded people who are determined to take our country back and make a difference.

RSVP: http://dfa.meetup.com/143/events/4687779/


Blogger Brook said...

would love to know what the former candidate/psychologist Marcum presented at this event. is there a follow-up? sounds like an intersting forum.

ironically, i came here from:

where we exchanged thoughts on the subject of "fatalism." just got me to thinking and working on an essay which is a pretty cool way to start the week. thanks! :)

10:19 AM  

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